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Unlock Your Path to Success as a Special Agent with Our Federal Resume Template!


FBI federal resumes are slightly different from the standard federal resume because there are a few more required fields.  A big contributor to your federal resume getting denied is incorrect formatting. This template takes the guesswork out of knowing what fields to include in an FBI government resume and includes the keywords that are needed to create a best-qualified resume. Simply fill in the fields and apply for your next FBI role.  As a bonus, we included a federal resume sample for you.


 The template's benefits are:

  • Structure & Organization: The template provides a structured layout that guides the formatting and organization of the document. It includes sections for contact information, work experience, education, awards, and additional relevant information. The structure ensures that essential components are included and presented clearly and logically.
  • Timesaving: The template saves time by providing a pre-designed framework that you can fill in with their information instead of starting from scratch and deciding on the layout and formatting.
  • Consistency: The template ensures a consistent format, font, and spacing throughout the document. This consistency contributes to a cohesive and professional presentation, making it easier for readers to navigate and absorb the resume's contents.
  • Guidance and Suggestions: The template comes with a federal resume sample. The sample provides an example to understand what the final document should look like.
  • Customization Option: While the template offers a predefined structure, it can be customized if you want to change the font or colors to fit your personal style.
  • Keywords: The template has the standard FBI keywords needed so you can align your experience with each competency.


Clients have successfully landed FBI jobs with our template.


Take control of your career and secure exciting opportunities as a special agent. Get our Federal Resume Template today and make your mark in the world of federal employment!

FBI Federal Resume Template + Sample

  • Microsoft Word

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