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Professional Skills
If applicable, please include:
  • Foreign language skills with the skill level (novice, intermediate, or advanced) in reading and/or writing
  • Technology skills
  • Are you fluent in any foreign language?
  • Do you have any licenses that are specific to your job qualifications? If so, please list.
  • If you have a trade, do you operate any heavy machinery? If so, please list.
  • If you are in IT, do you have any IT certifications? If so, please list.
  • Have you been recognized for anything specific like great with people, punctual, team player, etc.
  • Please list any additional skills that you feel are related to your career field
  • List 3 to 5 career accomplishments as it relates to the job you are seeking to obtain (Employee of the month/year/etc... What were you recognized for?)
The following MUST be included:
  • Type of degree and major
  • College or university
  • City/State of University
  • Date of graduation (month/year)
  • GPA (optional)
  • Honors or awards, if any (optional)
If you do not have a college degree, please include:
  • High school name
  • Type of diploma
  • City/State of high school
  • date of graduation (month/year)
  • GPA (optional)
  • Honors or awards, if any (optional)
Professional Work Experience
Employment History: Only the last 10 years or less are needed and jobs relevant to the position you're seeking.  For example, if you have been on your job for 10+ years then you do not need to include previous jobs that you have had.
The following MUST be included:
  • Position & title
  • Name of organization and location (city/state)
  • Start & end date (MM/YYYY)
  • Brief description of duties, and identify your major roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments

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