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Civilian Resume

+ Cover Letter

Professional - Non-Management or Less than 3 Years of Experience

Revamp Your Resume and Unlock Your Career Potential with Our Professional Resume Rewrite Service!

Your resume is your passport to new career opportunities, and a captivating, well-crafted resume attracts interviews. If you're looking to stand out from the competition, our Resume Rewrite Service is here to help!

Why Choose Resumes By Neen, LLC?

  1. Expert Resume Writers: Our team of experienced resume writers knows what it takes to create a compelling resume that grabs attention and showcases your unique skills, qualifications, and achievements. We have a deep understanding of industry trends and hiring practices, ensuring your resume is tailored to your target job market.

  2. Personalized Approach: We take the time to understand your career goals, accomplishments, and aspirations. Our team collaborates with you to highlight your strengths, address any gaps, and craft a custom resume that positions you as the ideal candidate for your desired roles.

  3. ATS Optimization: Many companies now use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes. Our writers are skilled in optimizing resumes to ensure they pass through ATS filters, increasing your chances of landing an interview.

  4. Results-Driven Approach: Our resume rewrite service is designed to help you achieve your career goals. We highlight your achievements, quantify your accomplishments, and align your skills with the specific job requirements, increasing your chances of securing interviews and job offers.

What You'll Get:

  • An optimized and tailored civilian resume 

  • A customized cover letter

    Turnaround Time
    10 to 14 business days. Business days are considered Monday through Thursday and exclude holidays. Please see our FAQ page for more details.

    Your Investment
    Starts at $599, or use our payment plan to break your payments into 4. *There is a surcharge to use our payment plans. See pricing below.

    Take the first step toward a new job! Let our Resume Rewrite Service unlock your potential and present you as the top candidate to employers. Invest in your career success and ensure your resume stands out from the competition. 

Getting Started
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Thank you for trusting the Resumes By Neen team with your resume! 

Please allow 10 business days for your order to be completed.

If rush delivery is available, please expect a 24 - 72 hour turnaround time.

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