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Federal Resume Review

or use our payment plan to break your payment into 4. *There is a surcharge to use our payment plans. See pricing below.
Do you have a resume, but it's not getting you referrals, or do you want input on how to make your resume more marketable? Upload your resume for a second look! 

We'll get back to you with tips and insights within 10 business days so that you can decide what changes you'd like to make on your own.

What You'll Get:

  • A Comprehensive Review: We will review your format, content, header, resume length, accomplishments, training, typefont, specialized experience, certifications, and education. Feedback will be provided via email using our comprehensive federal resume checklist.  If applicable, we will suggest that you purchase our federal guidebook and federal resume template to further assist with your resume writing.

  • Keyword & Job Announcement Review: We will review the keywords in your federal resume and 1  job posting.

  • This review does not include a rewrite. We will not make edits to your existing resume.

Please upload your resume in Microsoft Word format
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Thank you for trusting me with your resume! Please allow 10 business days for your order to be completed.

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