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Your direct line to expert advice on federal hiring & application processes. As a seasoned professional in the field, I understand the complexities of navigating the federal job market. With this service, job seekers like you can gain clarity and confidence without the need for a full consultation. You ask a question and we will respond via email. Whether you're struggling with ithe intricacies of the application process or need targeted advice on updating a bullet point or understanding a keyword, "Ask Me 1 Question" provides a straightforward solution. Get the answers you need to propel your federal career forward, one question at a time.


Some example questions job seekers have asked are:

✅“I got referred, what is next?”

✅“Explain my USAJOB application status of tentatively eligible.”

✅“Explain the Schedule A hiring authority.”

✅“What advice do you have on keywords to land a federal HR job?”

✅”What is an SF-50 form?”

✅”Can I work in the federal government as a non-U.S. citizen?”

✅”Can you explain my rejection email?”


🔆🔆🔆Once you purchase, email your question to 📧 with the subject line, “ASK ME 1 QUESTION.” Include your name and order number. You may also add your question to the note area on the checkout page.

Ask Me 1 Question

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