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Master the Art of Negotiation with Our Comprehensive Negotiation Tool Kit!


Are you tired of leaving negotiation tables feeling like you could have achieved a better outcome? Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to success with our powerful Negotiation Tool Kit.


Once you receive a federal job offer, you have 3 options: accept, deny, or counter with a negotiation letter. This Negotiation tool kit will help you negotiate salary, telework (if the Agency allows it), leave days, relocation, federal student loan repayment, and more. 


Your Negotiation Tool Kit includes:

  • A welcome video from Neen.
  • A negotiation letter template (with an example) that can be tweaked to accommodate what you're negotiating.
  • An eBook that goes over best practices of negotiations for federal and private sectors, as well as what can be negotiated according to the office of personnel management.
  •  2 worksheets at the end of the eBook - One to assess your job offer and prepare to negotiate and another to use when you request a raise after you’ve obtained the job.
  • Various resource links to compare salaries.


I encourage you to advocate for yourself.  You'll never know what you can receive if you don't ask.


Start your journey to negotiation mastery today! Order our Negotiation Tool Kit and open doors to new opportunities, better agreements, and enhanced relationships. Don't settle for less when you can negotiate for more!

Negotiation Tool Kit

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